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First of all, YOU are the art director. We would be trying to visualize your ideas and transfer that imagery onto your cover. To make things easier, here are a few hints.

1) Draw an image of the "Look" or layout for your CD. If you like, send us a photocopy of a CD cover you would like us to use as a guide. If you are web freindly simply scan and e-mail it, our address is at the bottom

2) The most important elements are the photos to be used. These images will greatly affect the look of your cover. Using high quality photos, these can then be used for press releases, upcoming concert posters, as well as CD covers (Better to mail than e-mail, as we want the best quality) We will scan, fix, and make your pix the best possible for your CD cover. If however you want to e-mail please do, but keep the data down to 1,000k per picture.

3) E-mailed text listing who has played on your CD, the guy at BIG Room studio, song lyrics, and acknowledgements.

4) Keep in mind you have a full colour front cover and a full colour back panel with an inside page of a one fold B&W image area of 9.5 inch long by 4.75 high. Be careful about "bleed" and size. Proofing

Once we have all the elements, we will send a rough proof color picture of your CD. Any changes to the text or the look of the CD can then be made. A final picture is then e-mailed to you for approval.

Checklist of elements required before your CD can be printed and manufactured.
1) The above CD cover artwork and information.
2) CD-R of the audio.
3) Copyright acknowledgement release form assuming responsibility for the music on this CD.

[Hello] [Design CDs] [How To] [Tray] [Face] [Fold] [Rules] [Terms] [72 Lines] [Bleed] [Film] [Poster] [T- Shirts] [Words Per] [Temp] [Fonts] [Rights] [Promo] [Our Equipment]

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